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Leading the Charge

With a storied history in civil rights, Stuart Ishimaru, Head of CFPB's Office of Minority and Women Inclusion, has spent his career fighting for equal opportunity—in the workplace, in the military, and throughout the country. Now, he’s taking the fight to the financial sector, leading the banking and lending industries down the path of diversity.

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Ask the Economist: Eddie Seiler

DS News sits down with Dr. Edward Seiler, Chief Housing Economist at Summit Consulting, to discuss HUD budget cuts, promoting homeownership, and more in this Q&A. Editor's Note: This article was originally featured in the July issue of DS News, available now.

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Homework Pays Off

Editors Note: This article was originally featured in the August issue of DS News. Mortgage and real estate-related investment opportunities abound throughout various securities and properties, as long ...

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Bucking Stereotypes

Hard winds of change create turbulent waters. For law firms in the mortgage lending and servicing industry, the recent past has been a demanding era of intensive, costly ...

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The Eye of the Storm

When Lewis Lapham wrote, “The state of perpetual emptiness is, of course, very good for business,” he wasn’t referring to the U.S. foreclosure system.

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Counsels Corner: Eric Houser

DS News sat down with Eric Houser to talk the Supreme Court, HBOR, and some of the biggest cases of year. Editor’s Note: this special feature first appeared in the July issue of DS News, available now.

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Tip of the Iceberg

tip of the iceberg art

When will it end? The subject of mortgage mergers and acquisitions (M&A) has been written about extensively since 2010—many articles by yours truly—and at the rate things are ...

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The Hope of High Tech

Mortgage technology is advancing, but soon the possibilities for servicers will enable faster, better, and higher quality performance than ever before. Editors Note: This feature originally appeared in the July 2017 issue of DS News.

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