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Westcor Land Title Insurance Spawns Tech-Focused Niche

Westcor Land Title Insurance Company lately added a new firm to its corporate suite. Launched to underpin the Maitland, Florida-based corporation’s offerings in the real estate realm, Westcor Specialty will be of great benefit to employees and agents, the company says.

“Westcor Specialty will create products and services to tap into new segments of the marketplace and will have a strong focus on technology,” explained Mary O’Donnell, President and CEO of Westcor Land Title Insurance Company.

Westcor Land Title Insurance Company created Westcor Specialty to “identify ways we can bring innovation, value, and thought leadership to marketplace participants outside of traditional title insurance products and services,” according to the company’s website. “We analyze the trends and demands of tomorrow so that Westcor Specialty and our affiliate, Westcor Land Title Insurance Company, can lead the industry in offering solutions in tomorrow’s marketplace.”

Ryan Peterson will helm the new venture as EVP. “We created Westcor Specialty to identify unique market opportunities and innovative ways to position Westcor and our agent-partners in the center of the changing real estate and mortgage finance marketplace,” Peterson said.

Peterson and the rest of his executive-team colleagues spent the first quarter releasing an assortment of new products and services to the marketplace targeting clients and consumers in the real estate, mortgage lending, investment, and insurance spaces.

“Our team knows, loves, and is passionate about the real estate, insurance, and mortgage lending marketplace and has a great level of respect for the incredible economic engine that this sector represents,” the website notes. “Westcor Specialty encompasses an incredibly varied and diverse suite of people, divisions, products, services, and technologies which serve these markets, and we’re growing every day.”

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