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Fannie Mae’s Research Shows Perceived Negative Equity is Hurting the Housing Market


The National Housing Survey from Fannie Mae contains data that suggests that homeowners who are underestimating how much equity they have in their homes may also be underestimating in other areas, such as how large of a downpayment they could make with that equity; their chances of qualifying for a mortgage, assuming they need a large downpayment; and their opportunities for selling their house and buying another one.

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Underwater Borrower Rate Drops Below 17 Percent


The number of U.S. homeowners who owe more on their mortgage than their home is worth has fallen off by nearly half in the last two years, but third-quarter data shows millions are still close to slipping back under. By the end of Q3 2015, the company expects negative equity will drop further to a rate of 15.2 percent. While improving trends in home values and foreclosures have helped push more homeowners into positive equity positions, many are still barely afloat, possessing too little equity to realistically afford the cost of selling their home and buying a new one. Because they're essentially locked into their houses, those homeowners are unable to contribute to their local stock of for-sale homes and are stuck in the way of entry-level or move-up buyers.

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HELOC Holders May Be In for Payment Shock When Loans Reset


Looking ahead, things don't get much better, according to Black Knight Financial Services. Beyond the next three years, Black Knight Financial Services predicts still-high payment increases as the next phase of HELOCs resets. Borrowers with HELOCs scheduled to reset in 2019 are using an average of about 40 percent of their available credit and will incur payment increases of about $200 per month based on their current rates.

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‘Significant Progress’ Made for Negative Equity Homes

2015 HUD

As of the end of 2013, CoreLogic estimates the number of mortgaged residential properties with equity totaled about 42.7 million, representing a share of about 86.7 percent. Due to a slowdown in the quarterly growth rate of the company's Home Price Index, the share of homes with equity versus underwater homes was mostly unchanged from Q3 to Q4.

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First-Time Buyers Face Affordability Issues

Chief economist at CoreLogic, Mark Fleming, notes new factors affecting a homeowners ability to buy a home. The ability for a prospective buyer to purchase a home depends greatly on whether the buyer already owns a home, a report released Thursday notes. The market is being affected by the intersection of rising home prices, rising interest rates and stagnating incomes, which puts first-time buyers behind the curve that has benefitted them greatly since 2007.

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Have Young Buyers Been Priced Out?

With many older Americans feeling confident as their net worth rises with their home values, younger Americans who do not yet own a home find themselves in a very different situation, according to BBVA. "[Y]oung families will need to see faster income growth and save additional money to make a larger down payment," said economist Jason Frederick.

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