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Commentary: Looking Forward

In a commentary shared with, Peter Muoio, chief economist for Research, revealed the company's predictions for 2014. Muoio says the housing recovery will get its second wind next year, the Federal Reserve's tapering of stimulus measures will extend for a longer period that most analysts are expecting, REO-to-rental will cool off, and the Canadian housing bubble will come closer to bursting.

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Housing Momentum Stalled by Cautious Consumers

According to Fannie Mae's November National Housing Survey, positive momentum in the housing market has slowed as Americans remain cautious about their personal finances and the overall state of the economy. Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed believe the economy is on the wrong track. Within the next year, 22 percent expect their personal finances to worsen and only 45 percent expect home prices to increase.

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Why so Few Houses for Sale? Lots of Reasons.

Inventories of homes for sale have been slow to bounce back since the 2007-09 recession, despite steady price appreciation since January 2012. Normally, higher prices reflect robust sales. But lately, prices have been rising even though sales remain stuck at relatively low levels, largely due to a lack of inventory. So why are there so few homes for sale? Two Fed economists examine the many factors affecting today's inventory levels.

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New Report Finds Home Price Gains Follow Party Lines

While home price gains continue to exceed historical norms at the national level, the latest study by Trulia reveals marked differences in appreciation between predominantly Republican and predominantly Democratic metros. The company says home prices are skyrocketing in many of America's bluest metros, like Oakland and Detroit, while the home-price rebound seems to have bypassed most of America's reddest metros.

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Report: Homeownership on Path to Sustainability

As most housing metrics turned around last year, one vital statistic stayed down: the homeownership rate. However, one analyst at Fannie Mae says low homeownership--when put in context with other data--might indicate a promising trend in sustainability; in particular, tight loan qualification standards should equate to new homeowners whose housing costs are much better aligned with incomes.

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Trulia: Owning Remains Significantly Cheaper than Renting

Even though both home prices and mortgage interest rates have been steadily rising, owning a home remains significantly cheaper than renting at the national level and in most major markets, according to Trulia. While the gap is closing between renting and owning, the company's Summer 2013 Rent vs. Buy Report indicates overall, owning is still 35 percent cheaper than renting.

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